M119 from 96 W210 matches 722.632?

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M119 from 96 W210 matches 722.632?

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Hi! I was wondering if the tranny from the E430 fits the E420 because I believe my tranny will break down soon and there aren't many gearboxes available for it here in Sweden, and I really like my car, so the issue is will it fit or are there any other trannys I could take?
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Re: M119 from 96 W210 matches 722.632?

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Hi, I think it depends are the both M119 engines. Or is the 430 powered by M113 ? TCU might be diffrent. I think that more information could be available on E500Eboard. There are very helpful people.
How about repairing the transmission?
Buying used transmission could be a russian rulette. You don't know the condition of the transmission if you buy used one.

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